The Apostolic Bookshelf


The publications you find here are actually the textbooks of the school. I am sure you will be blessed by these apostolic books. The books have no copyright, so you may freely download them for these purpose:

(1) share them with your friends (2) for personal devotion and study (3) teach them to others and (4) distribute them among the clergy and God's people who are often under nourished and famished. May you give them this Manna.

We want to emulate the spirit of our Lord who says that "freely you receive, freely give." So we freely give these books to you without CHARGE but no part of the book with its truth and revelation is to be changed. If you feel led to bless us back, then do send your donations to the school to help us fund pastors from third world countries to come to the school. Best of all, we hope we can see your face one day in our school. Come for a rest, for a spritual breakthrough and for accurate positioning with our saints to reach God's ultimate for your life. Drop us a line to tell us how the books have bless you.


The books with cover graphics are available in print as well as online. Please visit the Salvation Bookstore in Malaysia to purchase. Click on the cover or title to link to the online text.




I wrote this book  for  the senior citizens and elderly people within the BODY OF CHRIST in  the nations of the world  because I know God wants them to rise up and use whatever remaining days they have to serve Him. The world may associate old people with weakness,  useless and being burdensome,  but God  always associate the aged with honor.

Imagine God told the aged to “dream dreams,” to be fruitful and to flourish! Old people are God’s powerful strategies and His plans can never be completed without them. Abraham and Sarah,  Elisabeth and Zachariah  never reached their destiny until they were old and stricken!  Read through this book and  look at the 10 reasons why you, my dear aged sister or brother,  should rise up. You can download this book and teach the 10 reasons to all elderly people.

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Broken Altars

When God has chosen to speak to us through the thundering voices of tsunami, earthquakes, famines, menacing  pandemics and untold sufferings, is it not time to seek His face in deep repentance and to repair BROKEN ALTARS?  In every nation, we witnessed the breaking up of God’s altars, a  terrible symbol that He has been forgotten,  that  our love for Him has gone cold and that true spiritual vision from Him has been stifled.

 Is He getting our attention now?  Has all the  worldwide sufferings  gone beyond our surface to do a  deep work of cleansing in us ?  Will   spiritual leaders now  learn to stop their burning for ministry but instead learn to  burn for God, seek His face and  repair broken altars so that His  genuine and  pristine fire will fall upon us once again?

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Take hold of God’s promise that the “blessings of the upright will lift up the nation.” (Proverbs 11:11) We must build up the prayer momentum so that we can accurately  release verbal invocations of  blessing into our nation – blessings that will lift her up from the coming devastation of both tangible and intangible floods.

When the world  can no longer be patrolled by armies, police, politicians, scientists etc. God has His answer in His distinct  people who prays.  Through their consistent  prayerful  and upright lives,  they possess the power to  guard the nation by being able to  invoke both blessings and cursing   upon her.

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We are living in unprecedented times of spiritual revelation where Father God is no longer speaking to His people in dark speeches but with deep clarity. He is also raising up many ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things. This is why this book is important because qualifications for ministry do not lie in ordination papers, academic excellence, social status, financial standing, intellectual refinement or men's approval - it lies in your relationship with God.

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"Stand still and know that I am God. That I am that I am, is the gift that I will confer to you if you'll only be still. But the nature of the whole religious system militates against that stillness, it calls for running. So my God, do we have the courage to bring that system to an end?" - Art Katz

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Clergy or laity, God's law for moral failure is unchanging. Active ministry must cease and offenders must go through a process of discipline and restoration. Men who do not repent greatly will never be restored greatly.

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This book will help you in these areas:
• How to "birth" into the spiritual realm
• How to deal with the dark dynamics or secret sins in your life
• How to serve and move in God's timing
• How to fight off the spirits of lust and obsession
• How to rise as God's standard-bearer in this generation
• How to sustain longevity and effectiveness in ministry
• How to live in holiness as a single person

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THIS book sounds a clarion call to the Bride of Jesus Christ - return to your first love and come into spiritual intimacy with the Divine Bridegroom. "Spititual intimacy is vital to longevity and effectiveness in the ministry." "Without intimacy we can never bear great adversity with great dignity." Stirring and illuminating. Read the book and be blessed.

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