When STATION OF LIFE was birthed nine years ago, we had no idea that God was going to take this school so far. We did not expect trained and titled people (ordained ministers, pastors, missionaries) to come and we did not expect any students to come from overseas. However, in these nine years, we have been surprised by the potpourri of students who have come from far and near and we were blessed by the victories and breakthroughs they have received for their lives. SOL have hosted students (both clergy and laity) from different social backgrounds, different denominations and different countries.

Besides hosting students from nearby Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong, we have also hosted students from USA, Holland, Canada, New Zealand, England, Africa, Australia and Norway. Everyone who comes, whether a pastor, missionary, doctor, professor, housewife, millionaire, politician, businessman, gardener, etc. is a ‘student’. They eat at the same table, wash their own utensils, clean toilets, mopped floors, and do gardening and other chores. They receive the same spiritual truths and teachings.

SOL is different from the regular Bible School because our emphasis is on impacting the spirit of the student. We helped students build a strong spirit or a strong inner life so that they can live and serve out of that inner strength. Students are taught to do God’s work in God’s strength. SOL will give you the right beginning, either as a Christian or a minister – it will put within you the truth and the right contents. Right contents are indispensable for they control right conduct.

The best way to describe the one-month school in SOL is found in the words of one of our alumni, GOH POH GAIK, who is also a church elder and head of the Women’s Concern in NECF. She said:

“No theatrical performances, apparatus or devices were used to create fake emotional highs. No special background music or lighting effects. The teachers taught the Word, and time and time again, the sword of the Spirit found its mark. The teachers at SOL are a team of standard bearers who have dared to live the word they preach. Their testimonies and their lives rebuke and challenge me. I look beyond them to the God who is able to change lives yielded to Him, and I want Him to change mine too”.

SOL teaches that the emphasis for all ministry is the internal resources of a deep and passionate love for Jesus and a call to intimacy and knowledge of Him. We were not taught how to build churches and ministries for ourselves but to let God build into us. The stress was not on a passion for souls but a passion for Jesus, which will naturally result in a deep love for souls.”

SOL is indeed the place where you come in, take a rest, ‘top’ up and move on. Yes, if you sincerely desire to stand strong for God in these trying and difficult times and if you truly want God to put ‘iron in your soul’ then we hope to see you in SOL one fine day.

May you hear God tell you to “ come away and rest awhile.” Yes, come away from the ‘busyness,’ from the stress and the weariness of ministry in the city and find spiritual rest and impact in the STATION OF LIFE. Yes, rise up from your comfort zone and come away to Lahad Datu, to this obscure little town hidden in the Land Below The Wind - a town with plenty of poor immigrants, bad roads and pirates but also plenty of good crabs, excellent fish balls, cheap avocados and best of all, rivers of living waters from SOL! Enjoy the fresh air, the greenery and the chirping of birds each morning in the school.

See you!