Whoever you are, our prayer is that you will find waters from this spring and brook. May your thirst, like Samson’s , be quenched. May you drink deeply and also draw enough for others, be they your family, friends, church members, etc.
 We call this page, ‘En Hakkore’ because it means, ‘Spring of the caller.’ ( Judges 15:19) You have ‘called’ on this page and may it provide springs of living waters to satisfy you and to revive your spirit so that you can continue (like Samson) to slay your thousands in your own nation.
 Judges 15 tells us that  Samson became terribly thirsty after he had killed a thousand Philistines with a donkey’s jawbone. This man was so consumed by thirst he thought he was going to die. Praise God he knew how to call upon his God who then supernaturally provided a way for him to drink. Samson’s spirit revived after he drank. He then went on his way to slay thousands more.
 Samson’s outward mighty deeds did not and could not satisfy his inward thirst – only divine waters provided by God Himself could. Do you know it is the same for all of us? Our outward mighty works can never bring us any true inward satisfaction and revival – only God’s Spirit can. Many ‘mighty’ men of God have  fallen because they had burnt for ministry rather than burn for God. Our prayer is that you will know the difference between the two. Be blessed by the articles and drink deeply, freely and be revived!

MAY 2010

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