Lord,  lessen the pain and the horror of  the coming  JACOB’S  TROUBLE,

The time of  Israel’s worldwide violence and humiliation

 If  at all possible, even do away with it.

It’s a bold  and audacious request, but  then You are God,

One who has the  power to  change times and seasons

And ‘outsmart’ every damning plan of the enemy

Oh God, change it, take it away, spare Yourself of it, we pray.

 Your stiff-necked people do not deserve this release

But You, O Loving Father,  deserve to be spared the pain.


For is  it  not You who will hurt the most when Your people are  hurt?

Is it not You who will feel the horror, the violation, the humiliation and the pain

When Your people go through all these  atrocities again?  Again?

Are You going to let puny wicked  men violate You all over again?

Have You not  borne  it  all  already on the Cross at  Calvary?

Must You go through it all again? O God, will  You allow  us to  ‘save’ You through our prayers?

Surely  You  have not forgotten Calvary where the dregs of Your fury were poured out?

It was so horrible when God became angry


Humanity has no words to describe it

Heaven’s  reply was a darkened face while  earth could only shake with great violence

When the dregs from Your  cup of fury came spilling out …

And upon whom, if not upon Yourself, on that dreadful day?    

Are there any  more ‘ fury dregs’ left in Your cup ?  We pray not.

Were they not  all poured out  upon  Yourself  at Calvary?

O God, before You bring Your people through this  inhuman violence

We want to remind  You of  what happened at Calvary

Surely You have not forgotten, for we have not.

We beg You, don’t go through it again.


You have already poured out Your full wrath upon the Cross

Now God, do not, please do not   do it again.

Has the Cross not satisfied You  that You want to see blood and  suffering all over again?

And in the process, go  through  the excruciating pain Yourself?

We want You to be spared, for this is the utmost  concern in our hearts and minds.

You  gave  unredeemed men the right to violate You

Now give us, the  redeemed, the power to ‘save’ You from it

Through our pleadings, our incessant prayers and lamentations.



Oh God, spare Yourself the pain, spare Yourself the horror,

 Spare Yourself  the violence of the coming  inhuman humiliation.

You have given us a heart to be more mindful of Jacob’s God

Than to be  mindful  of  Jacob in his coming Trouble.

Jacob deserves the chastening seven times unto perfect purification ( Lev.26)

But Jacob’s God has done no wrong and does not deserve any chastisement or pain

If You will not do the ‘ sparing,’  then lessen it, shorten it , make it bearable.

Father, once again we ask, is the Cross  not enough? 


Why allow  Your  people to go  through all this again?

Why must You relive  the  horrors, the inhumanity and  the pain of the Cross a second time?

Oh, may God forbid it!

When   Your people face this untold  terror, this ‘JACOB’S TROUBLE’

 It Is You who have to  experience  untold hurt and suffering at the hands of Your creation again.

O God, we  do forbid it.!

Oh  God , You must not allow  the Cross  to be repeated.  again.

Surely   once is enough.

That one time at Golgotha was  enough.


You must not go through this again. We do not want You to.

As children, we beg that our Father  be spared the pain

We  unceasingly pray against it.

Our Creator  should not suffer such hurt   again  at the hands of  His creation

What You did on the cross is more than enough  to cover  the sins of Your people

In  the past, present, future and  many more eternities

If the Cross  can atone for the sins of the whole world, why not that of Your first-born son? (Ex4:22)

Oh God, we bid You to look at what You  Yourself  did  on the Cross and be pleased with it.

 But do not go through it again… because it is not necessary.

The price you paid on Calvary was more than sufficient.


In fact,  O Lord, You have  overpaid.

There is residue in what You did  at  Calvary, to cover  many eternities.

The nature of that phenomenon at Calvary was staggering

It  is  far beyond our human understanding

That sinless God should die for sinful  man.

The value of that sacrifice, the  value  of that love! O, the value of  that life!

It speaks far greater than the evil of  Your people, 

That  selfless  action has far outweighed their evil, their  transgressions, their rebellion, their  waywardness and their  rejection of  You. 


Lord, surely You  agree that  Calvary is  more than sufficient to cover the sins of Your people

For many, many, many eternities.

We pray, we ask daily,  that You  lessen the horrors of JACOB’S TROUBLES,

Which means that You  lessen the pain for Yourself.

If possible,  if  at all possible,  do away with it.

Instead,  in  Your  enduring  and immeasurable  grace and mercy,  

Infuse  Your people with  a new heart and  a new spirit

To  turn to You  unreservedly as the Church gathers to pray

And to minister to You  unceasingly  in this  manner.  In Jesus’ name.