However thick the darkness, your light can penetrate through because you said that “the light shinneth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.” (the darkness can never over-master the light) John 1:5 O God, shine through the suffering, the pain, the death, the carnage and the curse to let us see you  at this time of tragedy. We are here Lord, standing  in your presence to minister to you because we know  you are hurting too. This tragedy must have hurt you the most because you love and you care and yet you have  to stand back to allow the unleashing of these killer waves. No fathers delight in whipping their children, yet it has to come because the  pain of whipping  will drive perversion and foolishness  far from the child.


We in Asia felt this whipping – we are pained. Are you?  While unregenerate men   have angered you by their perversion and wickedness, we have angered you through  our infidelity, prayerlessness and  rebellion. We have  deliberately pull our shoulders from you and your pleadings  had very often fallen on  deaf ears. But  we can hear you now.  Please lower your voice a little, especially in Aceh, Lord. Your shouting  have gone over the waves and we are frightened. Remove the blows, no more Lord. No more, because of Calvary. Look at what you yourself did at Calvary. Look at what you went through on Calvary.  Nothing  could  ever match Calvary – the day when you, the  mighty and loving God was slaughtered by puny and  hateful men, the day when you, the holy creator was judged guilty by his unholy creation..No demon, however great can undo what was done at Calvary. Calvary has the power to cover many cycles of eternity and  many more Achehs. God, remember Calvary and the blood that flows from it, so that in judgment, you will  remember mercy.


 Did  you  regret not stopping the quake?  Did you enjoy seeing all the suffering, the tears, the carnage?  Did you hear the cries and screams of young innocent children  swallowed up by the waves? Did you delight in hearing the screams ? No, I know you did not for this is not your nature. O God, it must have caused you a lot of pain to see all these. It must have hurt you not to stop it. It must have hurt you terribly to do  something against your own nature. None of us enjoy being violated. You must have felt  the pain of being violated when you  allow this tragedy to happen because what you have allowed to happen is contrary to your nature. Forgive us for violating you and dishonoring you  though our sins. Our sins and lack of prayers have brought on  so much  unnecessary judgments and  suffering. O God, forgive our passiveness,  our perversion and  our hardened hearts. Puny men do possess great power for puny men can  actually make the mighty  God act contrary to His own nature. We have brought great curses upon ourselves and  if  it is not for Jesus   we will indeed be lost forever. Father  thank you for the cross.


The physical waves have receded, the spiritual ones will soon be unleashed. O God, insulate us against the coming spiritual tunamis. Brave us against this satanic onslaught which will soon follow the physical one. We do not want to be caught unaware. Teach us to pray and give us a high level of spiritual clarity and accuracy as we shoot our arrows

( prayers)  into the spirit realm to come against  this coming satanic invasion whose target is  the minds and hearts our young people in the nations of the earth. Teach us to plead with you, to intercede and to watch effectively over our nation and the nations of the world. You who spared Malaysia and our lives must now work deeper into us to make champions out of each one of us so that we can cover the nation from being pillaged by  the enemy.