You have chosen to speak to us through the language of  hurt and pain

Of  tsunami, earthquakes, cataclysmic storms, sicknesses and death

How then, do  we speak back  to You and be able to  minister to You

When  we know You are  angry and hurting all this time ?

It is as if You had a  whip in hand, inflicting  terror and  disasters upon the nations

Yet all the time You were the One who suffers  the most

O God, How do  we speak to You in times like these?

When Your Holy Heart has so much tension and conflicts

And  when  You  have chosen to use the  language of pain and suffering?

It is most powerful and effective and  it strikes  terror to the human heart

But  then, how do we pray and what  language can  we use  in speaking  back to You

In these days of such universal darkness when You, the protecting gentle  Lamb

Had  turn into a ruthless  destroying lion?


Father, Father,  we  turn to the Cross, our eternal and only refuge

We use the language of the Cross and we ask You to

Remember the Cross and  all that You have done for us

Because w know that  only the Cross pleases You

And it is  the only language that we know will appeal to You

For it is the only thing that brings pleasure to You completely

Because  the Cross was purely the work  of  God, nothing of men

Remember how You created earth in six days, stood back and  then You proclaimed  

What You did  was ‘very good’ and then You entered in Your rest?

But the Cross is better than  ‘very good,’ it is the best of the best

Therefore should  it not cause You to enter into Your   rest?


Rest,  Oh  Father, rest.. lay down  Your rod and Your whip

Rest from Your anger, Your pain, Your conflicts,

Rest from the tension in Your heart,

Turn and look at what You did on Calvary , on Golgatha’s hill

Listen to that endless cry of  the  sinless Son of  God  who shouted, ” It is finished!”

We believe You meant however great the sin of men, it  is finished!

Finished, because  sin can never match the power of the Cross

Where a sinless God died for every sinful men

The Cross has the power to finish every sin, evil and inconceivable abomination that proceeded from men

We are  convinced of  its matchless power and its awesome  glory

But are You?  We know You are.

This is why You  pierced through the powers of darkness with that

Awesome and victorious cry  of  “ It  is finished.”

You knew what You did can cover sins through many eternities .


Now Father, hear Your own cry and  lay down that fearsome hurting  whip.

Allow no more disasters, no more pain, both to Yourself and to us

Give the nations a chance,  most of all, give  the church the time

The time to repent, to stir  from her slumber to rise in prayers and intensity

You have not appointed us to be the recipients  of Your wrath

Rather we are to be the recipients of Your grace and  great salvation

Oh God, confront us positively  before You do so negatively

You who have given to us Your only Son

How can You not with Him freely give us all things?

If You choose to remember  our iniquity

Then none of us can stand before You

Through the Cross, You have chosen to remove them

And flung them from as far as the east is from the west


Lord, please lay down Your rod.

Instead, pick up Your staff and by the working of Your Spirit,

Work into us so that we can manifest the’ living of the Cross’ in our lives

We admit we have no strength of our own to live the life that pleases You

Therefore, energize  us, not for great exploits, but to  rebuke self.

And to  keep it in the place of death

Because we know  that  only ‘crucified lives’ has power before You

It is a powerful  language  that You will listen to

But  oh Lord, it is definitely   not an easy language to speak

And so  few of us have mastered it.

This is why we have to turn to you to say

Live through us and  live in us as we daily yield ourselves to You.